Wednesday, March 22 2017

NYCC Jazz featuring the NYCC Jazz Quintet and Jazz Quartet

Wednesday, March 22
The NYCC Jazz Quintet (Roger Blanc, Emiko Hayashi, Michael Laderman, Davic Picton, and Haruka Yoshimochi with guest artist Dary John Mizelle)

-The Frontiers Jazz Quartet (Jeremy Stepansky, Maya Stepansky, Nathan Farrell, Zack Marzulli) -Cello soloist Peri Mauer

The evening will feature new original music by seven of our composer-performers; $10 cover at the tables.

Lou Caputo’s No So Big Band

Wednesday, March 22
9PM & 10:30PM & Midnight
LOU CAPUTO’S NO SO BIG BAND/Uh Oh!: He might be a Billyberg native but Caputo is no hipster trustafarian that talks the talk but never walks the walk. A regularly working unit, this crew is called a not so big band because it ‘only’ has ten pieces instead of 16 or more---and if that’s the only knock on this bunch…. Tried and true swingers, they can take you around the block with a bunch of stops in between, all of which are played to perfection throughout. Tasty stuff that comes from being powered by chops forged in the working musician’s crucible, this is a fine example of a party on a platter, jazzbo style.
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