Thursday, October 19 2017

Francisco Mora-Catlett & Afrohorn

Thursday, October 19


Afro-Latino drummer Francisco Mora-Catlett has participated in some of the most exciting experiments in jazz history, ranging from Sun Ra to Max Roach's M'Boom Percussion Choir. With his AfroHORN project, Mora-Catlett, a formidable composer and conceptualist, maps the secret paths that connect avantgarde jazz to Cuban folklore, African mysticism and Latin American surrealism. His new CD, "Rare Metal" features a multi-cultural and multi-generational band, with Cuban stars Aruan Ortiz on piano and Roman Diaz on percussion, Rashaan Carter on bass, the celebrated soprano sax player Sam Newsome and Alex Harding on baritone sax. Their live shows have been generating significant buzz: famed bassist Henry Grimes and heavyweight jazz commentator Amiri Baraka have come to see them; illustrious jazzmen Jack Walrath, Donald Harrison, Steve Turre and J.D. Allen have jammed with the band at Jazz Standard -the 2013 WInter Jazzfest - The Detroit Jazz Festival 2013.


"Led by the drummer and composer Francisco Mora-Catlett, AfroHORN seeks a mystical but earthy vision of rhythm and folklore, inspired not only by Afro-Cuban music but also the Sun Ra Arkestra, in which Mr. Mora-Catlett played in the 1970s." - The New York Times


"Conceived while Mexican-American drummer Francisco Mora-Catlett was living and working with Sun Ra, Afro Horn infuses Cuban rhythms with an avant-garde sensibility more oriented toward transcendence than disassociation. It grooves hard...." - The Village Voice


"....a mesmerizing mix of West African and Afro-Cuban traditions with contemporary jazz, a grounding of vivid percussion supporting melodies that are both anthemic and tuneful." - Jon Garelick Downbeat - 4 Stars ****


"Sun Ra Orchestra alum Francisco Mora-Catlett is a highly talented drummer and composer, and his AfroHORN project is where he explores his creativity, painting a musical canvas that turns listeners into thinkers...the band, featuring Sam Newsome, Roman Diaz, Aruan Ortiz, Rashaan Carter, and Alex Harding... seize the opportunity to work their magic and stretch out the possibilities of jazz. " - Ernest Barteldes Newcity Music


"...exudes a funkiness that would make George Clinton proud." - John Murph NPR: A Blog Supreme


"Some of the most inventive and wildly original music to be played and heard since the first progressive rumbles of the early 60s. This release should be considered one of this years best releases and Mora-Catletts apotheosis as a master musician. - Steve Bryant iROCK JAZZ


Román Díaz & Rumba Habanera

Jazz at the Crossroads presents AfroCuban master drummer Román Díaz & his nine piece percussion & vocal ensemble performing the living magic of the AfroCaribbean experience.
Thursday, October 19
10PM Start!
".... Román Díaz is.... playing bata and conga drums, chanting and singing, sometimes rising to dance. He’s making music and enacting rituals with old friends and new partners, inviting in ancient spirits as he lends new edge to New York’s scene.

"The rumba is on.

"Like the best Cuban percussionists and folkloric masters, and as with jazz’s greatest players, Díaz knows that tradition is never a static thing. As a member of the seminal Cuban rumba ensemble Yoruba Andabo, he continued the work of the legendary percussionist Pancho Quinto in creating new and fundamental wrinkles with traditional Cuban rumba.

"The Thursday night 'Midnight Rumbas' began in June [of 2013 ], as organized by Dita Sullivan, who has produced a fine and ongoing New Dimensions in Latin Jazz series, primarily at the Jazz Standard.

'I thought it would be a good summer event—the authentic Cuban rumba that most people, even those who visit Cuba, never get to see,” Sullivan wrote in a recent email.  'What Román is doing is bringing the rumba with all its heady, intense atmosphere; it's really like being at a rumba in the barrios Luyano or El Cerro in Havana—thrilling, full of surprises, and even a little bit scary. It's utterly fluid, constantly changing, with the percussionists swapping instruments, musicians coming in and others stepping down, vocalists changing to play percussion, the percussionists getting up to sing. Yet it is not chaotic; it's running on a different sense of time and logic, and if you just let go, you can tune into it.'

"The best story in New York jazz right now (and among the music’s longest-running tales) is the deepening and broadening of Afro-Latin influence and expression within jazz’s ranks. These connections are not only with Cuba—they also flow from and back to Puerto Rico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, South America, and beyond—but they owe especially to Cuba, and with an ever-finer integration of the various strands of tradition from regions within Cuba itself.

"Since his arrival in New York City from his native Cuba in 1999, Díaz has not only deepened the presence of Afro-Cuban traditions in and around New York, he has infused the city’s jazz scene with a rare blend of expertise, energy, wit, and humor drawn from both Afro-Cuban culture and his own imagination." - Larry Blumenfeld, BLOUIN ARTINFO  



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