Ichimujin with special guest vocalist Sivan Arbel

Friday, September 15
7:30pm & 8:30pm

“Ichimujin” (meaning “to put best efforts” in the dialect of Tosa, Kouchi prefecture of Shikoku, Japan) was formed in 2004 as the guitar duo from Kouchi and made their major debut in 2006. They participated in a lot of projects from TV commercial, TV dramas, movies to animation and developed their career dramatically after being in charge of the ending theme music of “RYOMADEN”, the historical drama series in 2010.

They started performing in foreign countries from 2011 and were highly appreciated in Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Boston, Brazil and Taiwan.

They also showed us their new side by collaborating with a female Enka singer, the traditional Japanese music, Yukino Ichikawa.

In 2016, they announced a new member. With some specialists from various musical fields, they won’t stick to a specific genre and will keep pursuing their own music “Ichimujin” by mainly focusing on their original songs and also mixing various kind of music, classic, Spanish, latin, jazz, funk, Enka and world.

Ichimujin Shunsuke Yamashita (Guitar) Keisuke Torigoe (Bass) Kon Shirasu (Violin) George Nagata (Piano,Rhodes) Yosuke Watanabe (Percussion)


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